Explore your Intuition and Connection

Teachings shared here are ways for you to explore your intuition and connection at your own pace.

While working with mentors and teachers to help through your spiritual expansion is extremely helpful, it is also important to allow yourself space to explore, experience, observe, and practice on your own.

This is a small collection of intuitive practices and wisdom from myself and other magical members of the sisterhood sharing their gifts.

Check out some of the featured courses below or the whole catalog!

  • Full Moon Ritual Masterclass

    In this online training, I will teach you step by step how to do a full moon ritual and show you simple ways that you can customize it to suit your authentic style. After the training you will feel knowledgeable and confident to do these full moon rituals on your own or with your friends. Let the magic begin!

  • Tuning In

    This class contains practices that help you tune into your intuition when you want to receive answers. Gain clarity… so you can build your life around your purpose.  Remove blocks… and the feeling of “stuck” so you can freely and openly move forward. Align your vibrations to your strategy… so you can feel amazing and joyfully in flow with your purpose.

  • Past Life Journey Course

    The more we know about our past lives the more clarity and understanding we can gain regarding our current lives. This past life journey training includes a simple group guided journey, where you can follow along to experience a past life, as well as a Q & A after the journey to help you continue your practice on your own.

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