The Story

Ever since my first book “Don’t Be a B*tch, Be an Alpha” was published, I have been contemplating creating a card deck that could be a standalone product as well as a companion deck to the book.

Readers have been sharing many positive reviews. Many have said that they kept the book nearby and referred to it often, seeking the quick reminders of wisdom and encouragement in the book. This led me to contemplate a fun, portable way to remind ourselves and one another to stay encouraged and supported.

Align and Inspire Action

Positive affirmation is a great way to inspire and encourage ourselves and the deck provides twenty five great ones. Affirmations can shift our mindsets and align our energies to the intentions and goals we want to manifest.

But sometimes, using affirmations alone has limits. One could repeat an affirmation “I release and heal my past,” but what if they felt too stuck to actually let things go? What if they didn’t know where to start? What action could they take to move forward?

That’s where Contemplation cards come in.

How to Use the Deck

You can use these cards in whatever ways that feel helpful in your own healing and expansion journey.

Some suggestions are:

  • Pull a card or two randomly for daily intention and guidance.
  • Select an Affirmation or Contemplation card (or both) that supports what you are currently working on.
  • Use in reading with other Tarot or Oracle cards, to summarize or encourage next step action from the reading.
  • As a companion to my first book “Don’t Be a B*tch, Be an Alpha” , as quick reminders of the wisdom and encouragement.
  • Gift it to those you love who are on similar journeys.

The Collab: Seo Kelleher x Ursa Minor

Meet Seo

Seo Kelleher is the creator of Morning Calm Oracle. She is a Korean-American Shaman and an author who channeled her ancestral, shamanic magic, and her voice into this project. She is also an author of “Don’t Be a B*tch, Be an Alpha: How to Unlock Your Magic, Play Big, and Change the World” available wherever books are sold or buy a signed copyhere. Learn more about Seo by following her on Instagram: @seokelleher.

Meet Julie

Julie Purcell is an intuitive strategist, artist and writer who founded Ursa Minor, Strategy and Design.

She works with mission-focused brands to bring their unique vision and gifts to life. Learn more.

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