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(PREORDER) Heart-Stirring Medicine of Korean Temple Food

(PREORDER) Heart-Stirring Medicine of Korean Temple Food

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Essential Reading for learning “Why” 
of Korean Temple Cuisine

Many years ago, Venerable Dae-Ahn arrived at Geumsuam Temple on Mount Jirisan, determined to live quietly and privately as a monk, away from the world. Instead, her life unfolded into that of a “culinary monk” and teacher of the art of Korean Temple Cuisine.

Finding the heart of her spiritual practice in foraging wild edibles and mindfully preparing plant-based meals in the temple kitchen, Venerable Dae-Ahn found great joy in sharing the wisdom and healing medicine of temple food for the mind, body, and spirit.

Heart-Stirring Medicine of Korean Temple Food: Wisdom & Recipes from a Zen Buddhist Monk takes readers through Venerable Dae-Ahn’s temple garden and pantry as she shares the healing, nourishing, healthful ingredients the land offers. A guide for how to practice Buddhism through food, she offers an up-close glimpse into her kitchen as she prepares dishes that heal the body and invigorate the soul.

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